Microboss Quality Assurance Policy

Microboss is engaged in the business of Information Technology Infrastructure, Private Networks, IP Telephony, ICT Managed Services and Procurement Services. Our QA policy is to confirm our commitment to meeting the quality standards expected by our customers in the delivery of the products and services.

Our quality system is based on the ITIL framework by way of tools we use to deliver our products and services. Our integrated ITIL based system ensures we deliver consistent experience in both directions while logging each touch for analysis and continual improvement.

Our quality objectives are to

Use of the ITIL Framework as a tool in achieving best practice outcomes across projects, service and product deliverables.

Ensure continuous improvement.

Our ITIL Framework systems provide the means of detecting system shortfalls and for stimulating process improvements. To implement this policy, we focus on the needs of our business, process and procedure with particular reference to consistently meeting our customers’ requirements.

Microboss pursues the following guidelines

We understand continual improvement to be the key in keeping up with the dynamic ICT landscape.
1. Practice strict compliance of our services with international, national, and corporate standards and requirements.
2. Responsibility to our clientele for the quality of the services rendered.
3. Cost efficiency of the services as compared with our competition operating in the same market space.
4. Development, implementation and marketing of new services.
5. Continuous monitoring of complaints from clients, and aim to maintain these to zero.
6. Employing qualified staff trained to specific jobs, and providing services of the highest quality.

Our strategy for achieving our goals

1. We focus on the process management model and continuous improvement our services
2. ITIL Framework adherence at all times.
3. Satisfaction of customers’ requirements to all products and services. Fulfilment of the customers’ requirements within the agreed periods of time.
4. Understanding of the customer needs, their present and future specific requirements by way of meetings, surveys and client reviews.
5. Cooperation with customers in order to understand their needs.
6. Transparency - customers obtain access to information on the quality of the services by way of MiPortal accessed our web site.
7. Strict quality assurance procedures at all stages of the services life cycle, well-defined personnel responsibility for quality assurance.
8. We focus on prevention of a possible decrease in quality rather than on measures to restore the quality level.
Consistent training of all personnel in the sphere of quality, each employee’s participation in services improvement, rewards for quality improvement.

Microboss adopts ITIL procedures and disciplines to ensure that

The system is effectively implemented by undertaking relevant skills training, reviewing every project and conduction appropriate quality awareness training in a timely manner.
Responsibilities for quality are established by reviewing procedures and process as well as communicating these responsibilities, clearly too all employees.

Microboss Quality Assurance Policy continues to be relevant by way of regular reviews to check its effectiveness and ongoing relevance.