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  1. Incl. Tax : $557.74 $507.04
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    Network Extender
    sku : USB2001EXT2P USB Extender - Network (RJ-45)USBThis single-port USB 2.0 extender lets you access and use your USB device up to 100 m away over Cat5e or Cat6 cable. And, because it can be powered by either the local or the remote unit, you have more flexibility to place your USB device exactly where you need it. It's the perfect USB extension solution for warehouses, factories, classrooms,...

  2. Incl. Tax : $780.84 $709.85
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    4 Port USB 2.0 Extender over Gigabit Ethernet or Cat5/6 Cabling - 100m (330ft)
    sku : USB2G4LEXT2 USB ExtenderExtend USB 2.0 devices up to 330ft (100m) over a Gigabit Ethernet LAN, or dedicated Cat5e/6 cabling. The USB2G4LEXT2 4-Port USB 2.0 Extender System lets you extend USB devices over a Gigabit Ethernet Local Area Network (LAN), or through dedicated Cat5e/6 cabling up to 330ft (100m).Connecting over your existing IP LAN avoids the hassle and cost of running new...

  3. Incl. Tax : $205.03 $186.39
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    1-Port USB 2.0-Over-Cat5-or-Cat6 Extender Kit - 165 ft. (50 m)
    sku : USB2001EXTV USB Extender - Network (RJ-45)Connect a USB 2.0 device to your computer over long distances, using this single-port USB extender. Here's a versatile and cost-effective USB 2.0 extender. It gives you the freedom you need to place your USB device further away, making it perfect for the homes, offices, classrooms, and many other environments. Now, you can easily access and use your USB...

  4. Incl. Tax : $220.45 $200.41
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    2-Port Gigabit PoE+ Extender - 802.3at and 802.3af - 100 m (330 ft)
    sku : POEEXT2GAT Network Extender - Network (RJ-45)Extend two Power over Ethernet devices by 100 meters, or daisy chain up to four extenders for longer distance. This 2-port Gigabit PoE+ extender spans your Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices over longer distances, letting you double the 100 m limitation of a traditional PoE infrastructure.Now you can connect two Gigabit PoE devices up to a maximum of...

  5. Incl. Tax : $264.54 $240.49
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    4 Port USB 2.0-Over-Cat5-or-Cat6 Extender - up to 165ft (50m)
    sku : USB2004EXTV USB ExtenderConnect four USB 2.0 devices away from your computer over Cat5 (40m) or Cat6 (50m). This 4-port USB 2.0 extender is an easy and inexpensive solution for creating workspace freedom. Now you can extend the distance of your USB 2.0 devices over a single Ethernet cable, up to 130ft (40m) over Cat5, or 165ft (50m) over Cat6. Go the extra distance for increased productivity...

  6. Incl. Tax : $159.83 $145.30
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    Network Extender
    sku : POEEXT1GAT Network Extender - TAA Compliant - Network (RJ-45)This Gigabit PoE+ extender spans your Power over Ethernet (PoE) device over longer distances, letting you double the 100m limitations of a traditional PoE infrastructure. Now you can connect your Gigabit PoE device up to a maximum of 200m away, so it's easy to install a remote IP camera or access point. Plus the extender can be...

  7. Incl. Tax : $517.17 $470.15
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    Gigabit Ethernet over Coaxial Unmanaged Network Extender Kit - 2.4km
    sku : EOC1110K Network ExtenderThe EOC1110K Gigabit Ethernet over Coaxial Unmanaged LAN Extender Kit (2.4km) includes both end points, and allows you to span a 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet network over extremely long distances (up to 2.4 km/1.5 mi) while still maintaining high-speed network connectivity. The coax Ethernet extender allows you to run the connection over existing coaxial cable, with...

  8. Incl. Tax : $148.54 $135.04
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    1 Port USB Over Cat5 / Cat6 Ethernet Extender - Up to 131ft (40m)
    sku : USB110EXT2 USB Extender - USBExtend a USB 1.1 device up to 40m (131ft) away from a computer, over a Cat5/Cat6 cable. The USB110EXT2 USB 1.1 Extender enables you to extend a USB 1.1 connection over distances of up to 40-meters (131-feet) using standard Cat5 or Cat6 UTP cabling, bypassing the normal limitation of 5m (15ft) for USB 1.1 devices and allows for the host computer system to be safely...

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