Our goal in offering managed IT services is to allow you to keep your mind on your business by letting us take care of your technology.
Microboss i3 helpdesk act as an extension of your company to help you achieve your business goals with ease. As a trained IT department, we will keep your technology ready for use through our proactive and reactive approaches to allowing you to do what you best. We monitor and measure for possible issues before they can occur while being prepared to support and fix any problem. We do this via our integrated i3 platform. Why waste time and money trying to fix technology issues internally or become a technology expert. We are technology experts trained and well equiped to handle the most demanding clients. Every incident, every email and each phone call is logged and ticketted with a unique case number. You always know the status of your request. No matter how small or large you think you are; we have the people, the skills, the endurance and the honesty to work with you for mutual success.
Does your Managed Service Provider work like this?
You call or or email IT Support for reactive requests that require a response and a trained Engineer to resolve. But there is more to IT Support than just fixing problems. Having a trained technical team to pro-actively identify and head off problems or compliance-related issues is missing from many outsourced IT Support approaches. In today’s business world, identifying areas that are a risk to the business or meeting standards set by your industry or some regulatory agency is not being managed by anyone. We can help with your compliance by integrating these requirements into our workflow and automated schedules and then raise alarms if the metrics dont stack up.
More than helpdesk
We understand our clients are not trained IT professionals. You can engage our team to always be proactive towards your business to ensure continued compliance adherence or to ensure you're leveraging technology efficiently and effectively. This is a difficult task for our clients, who are not trained in this area; to assess their current technology and processes internally. To help, we have created a system to check that your company is being run as secure and with minimal risk as possible. By questioning technology currently in place, we are able to stay ahead of potential problems and eliminate risks for you. As your partner, we don’t want to wait for a problem to arise. Instead, we offer pro-active support to keep your technology running as smoothly as possible. We have technical resources trained and dedicated specifically to provide proactive support to ensure that your systems are ready to use every time. Our team follow a carefully designed process of audit, verification, implementation and reporting to ensure that your technology and processes deliver your expectations. Don’t accept technology support companies that only deal with your problems after they happen. Partner with us and let us help you manage your technology and avoid problems now and in the future. Engage today, ask to see how we measure, monitor, automate, fix and report. We are different.