Data Networks
Our Private Networks solutions are designed to provide high quality business grade services for SME, Corporate, and Government market segments. Private Networking and Internet services provide high performance, reliable network solutions with QOS options within the core of our network. These products can be self managed or we can managed on our i3 Management platform.
We support Ethernet and IP based Private Network options to provide cost-effective, fast and reliable solutions.
Our network allows businesses to seamlessly and securely communicate between multiple locations on dedicated private networks. i3 Private Network can be implemented using any of the available connectivity services with optional redundant access for increase reliability.
ePN is a Ethernet(layer 2) private network giving customers a Transparent LAN solution between different locations. ePN uses Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) technology to provide secure, scalable and cost effective Ethernet multipoint connectivity. The ePN is a fully meshed solution which supports QOS between the core network and the customer premises. The ePN service can be provided using different types of connectivity like, xDSL, SHDSL, Ethernet last mile and Fibre. Speeds from 2Mbits/sec to Gbit/s.
iPN – IP Private Network
iPN is an Internet Protocol(layer 3) private network giving customers a routed networking solution between different locations. iPN uses Multi-Label Protocol Service (MPLS) technology to provide secure, scalable and cost effective IP multipoint connectivity. The iPN is implemented using dedicated network based dedicated virtual routers per customer which support QOS between the core network and the customer. The iPN service can be provided using Ethernet, SHDSL, FastCopper and Fibre. Microboss Managed IP VPN provides a fully monitored managed Layer 3 network, offering bandwidths speeds from 2 Mbit/s to 1 Gbit/s. With Microboss self-managed IP VPN, you have all the benefits of a national MPLS network whilst maintaining control of your own communication hardware
Secure, reliable internet options Microboss provides a variety of reliable, flexible internet services to suit your business requirements. Choose from premium or contended services, with speeds from 2 Mbps to 1 Gbps. Microboss Internet services ensure fast, effective access, with flexible plans and competitive pricing. We offer Managed or un-managed Internet products. You can match this product with a private network and benefit from applying policies to only one cloud managed firewall. A hosted firewall offers a reliable solution for small-medium to enterprise-sized businesses who want security without compromise.
Fibre is easily scalable to grow with your organisation, allowing you to create your own Wide Area Network without investing in your own fibre-optic infrastructure. It is an optimum solution for high-speed data applications, giving you access to network growth while maintaining full control and security.
Easily connect multiple sites with ease. Scale easily when you need to. We use multiple pairs of copper to provide last mile ethernet. Cost effective and robust. Microboss offers end-to-end Ethernet services over a carrier grade Access Network, providing you with greater control over the routing of your data. Our Ethernet products include Multi-Point connectivity and Point-to-Point connectivity.