It all about Recover-Ability
Yes it's all about how you recover. There are so many ways to move your data off-site but not many of can deliver a recovery time within acceptable times. This is where our solution shines. We will replicate your data and attached servers to our hosting center 24x7 in agreed minutes or hourly schedule. We will ensure your backups are validated. You can even schedule your own testing schedule for auditing and compliance adherence. Designed from ground up to provide business continuity and disaster recovery around the clock.
What is i3 cloud backup?
i3 Cloud backup provides the most robust backup and recovery sets available in our backup solution set. This is an end to end managed, monitored and tested solution utilising best of breed products. Once you're on-board, you will have access to receive status tickets or simple request a monthly report of data movements. Our i3 platform ensure SLA adherence and escalates any time we are outside this SLA providing you with peace of mind every day.
Engage us; simple yet powerful
We have learned alot in 24 years. One of them is to keep all our solutions very simple. i3 Cloud backup is one of those. We do not over complicate so you're lost in the jargon. We show you exactly how it works, where it goes and how to recover files or servers. You can even have your data in a "warm" state to spin up all or some of your servers within minutes.
With i3 Cloud Backup Services you can:
Protect your physical servers, virtual machines (VMs), and workstations. Maintain control over your offsite data with real-time file access and instant virtualization capabilities. Recover systems and data in seconds, not minutes or hours, so your recovery is transparent to users. Test your disaster recovery abilities using hands-on verification methods. Rest assured offsite data is safe. Economically tally all of your storage needs across systems. Increase your storage or upgrade your service level with ease
Where is my data?
In Australia. This solution does not have any form of off-shore replication attached to it.