Microboss. Now Integrate.
Our Vision
Microboss has been keeping Australian companies in the forefront of innovative technologies for more than 20 years. We do this by helping businesses to avoid the pitfalls of bad technology decisions. As the needs of the business community evolves, so do we, with a range of services spanning from backoffice data center to front desk. We complement our inhouse skills with a myriad of partnerships with leading service and product delivery partners. Our enthusiastic and professional team help you to scope, design, implement, monitor and manage your data processing apllications and infrastructure. We are dedicated to delivering you with products and services on time and on budget while keeping focus of what we set out to do. We're always mindful that the experience you have with us is always mutually beneficial and positive.
Our mission
We're here to help by providing: friendly service from knowledgeable staff innovative leading edge easy to manage solutions proud to be associated with our clients value for money modern and efficient workplace staff with vision on our mission statement We get our strength from our staff's commitment to these goals by: allowing our staff to explore efficient methodologies rewarding excellent customer service ensuring work life balance is attained career paths with continual training
What we do
Taking your new IT infrastructure, application, new office, new communications platform from an idea to a completed solution which is well integrated is not simple. Even upgrading your existing systems to keep up with the latest developments can be a challenge at the best of times. You have vision for your business, you know where you want to go, but do you know how to design a robust technology roadmap to get you there? To ensure you get the best and most suitable solution, you need expert advice from people who know the technology landscape and can translate your vision into a working platform. This is where we come in. We've designed and built hundreds of solutions from small business to large enterprise, so we know how to make your vision a reality. We will walk you through our simple plan; design, build, monitor, manage and support.
You need it, we design it
You know what you want to achieve, and we know the best combination of technologies and services to enable you to achieve it. So how do we do find the combination that's perfect for you? Our approach is to sit down and listen to you, understand and agree the outcome you want and come up with a range of solutions tailored to you. We step you through these, show you all the pros and cons and explain which one works best for your scenario. We get inside your workflow, map it all out, and literally diagram it so you see clearly how the solution matches your business needs. We apply this approach to every job, whether you're installing a single workstation, building a complete data center, or setting up a multi-site network with applications shared across the road or across the world. We have gotten this methodology to an art form now because we know it works; every time.
then we procure and install it...
Once we've all agreed on what we're going to achieve, we bring together the people and the technology to make it happen. We have a strong workflow focus, and we apply a method we've developed through years of experience that enables us to avoid the pitfalls that trap less experienced service providers. The result is a system that's fit-for-purpose, professionally installed and fully-operational in the shortest possible time.
and finally, we support it and we support you.
And when the work is done, we stick around - we don't just sell you some technology then walk away. We not only build amazing infrastructures, we build lasting partnerships with our customers because we know that this approach is best for both of us. You see, technology needs to be updated; people move on and new staff need training or simply new requirements arise that need new solutions. This is why us hanging around works for both of us. We can give you on-call telephone support 24x7; we can provide expert training customised to the specific things you want to do with the technology; we look after you and keep you up to date with developments in technology so you can keep ahead of the competition. And when the next project comes along we're ready to help you get moving quickly.
We know there's more to your business than technology
In-house information technology people will tell you that they can design and implement what you need - this is only half the story. Technology isn't an end in itself, it's a means for you to achieve your business objectives effectively with scalability built in. We bring our vast experience of the total picture and how you can use technology to further your business. Your success is our success.
We're independent and honest
At Microboss we're not tied to a particular supplier or technology brand, so we can tailor the best fit solution for your needs and give you a range of options to suit your budget. We have close working partnerships with the world's leading software and hardware companies including VMware, Microsoft, Cisco, Adobe Systems, Apple, Silverpeak, Dell, Lenovo to name a few. Our partnerships open doors to a wealth of expertise some integrators simply can't match. This means we can be brutal, harsh and simply honest. If we know an product or idea will not work, we either walk or will not sell it. If you want us to sell you something we think is rubbish we'll say ‘No'. Our standards are based on not buying into a solution which will impact our both our careers. We have either tested or using the products we recommend. Rubbish belongs in the dumpster and this is where we have thrown a lot of products never to be touched again.
We realise the importance of uptime
We know that your most expensive resource is your staff, so we will go to all lengths to ensure they can login and perform the job they've been employed to do. We will work with them to achieve your goal and also their individual aims and aspirations. Again, back to choosing the right product or solution first time is so imperative. We also know that time spent building new infrastructure is lost time, which is why we apply our workflow and project management systems to stay within budgets and ensure that we hit deadlines. Every project has business goals, budgeting goals, performance goals and time frame restrictions. We ensure that you meet all of them.
We know what you're about
We get excited by the challenges our customers throw at us. Technology should not rule our lives, it should help us spend more time with the people we love. We may be seen at times to be over enthusiastic; that's when you know we get you. At Microboss, it's not about the boxes we sell or the services we provide; it's seeing your business grow and prosper with our help. It's seen you thrive.
We deliver
Under pressure to deliver to a tight timeframe? We specialise in speed. Need something special? We've done dozens of unique weird and wonderful solutions. Want ongoing support? We're your partner for the long haul. Want to run an idea past us? We've been here for 23 years. Our customers often say they keep coming back to us because we are 'simple, the old fashioned relationship driven'. We like that. We understand every business has its challenges, the issues you face in your business, and we thoroughly enjoy finding the best way to face them together. It's the reason for our long term success. We play an important role in our clients business. This understanding ensures all work we perform has you in mind while we continue to balance our commercial objectives with our obligations to your success. We run an efficient organization and make the best use of our skills. Our commercial success ensures we can continue to help community groups, sporting social clubs and other communities that we serve in the way of donating support hours, heavily reduced rates and monetary donations. With the support of our clients, we will continue to prosper, improve and innovate.