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Can your telephone system fail without impacting your business? 

Disaster recovery and prevention goes hand in hand. We tend to see organisations handle data backup and restore fairly well. Some of us have taken our data to off-site data centers and implemented some form of business continuity. We now bring you true automatic failover and restoration of your phone system. 

Pickup every call from anywhere in the world

Yes we live in the age of information; but we also live in times where a missed phone call means bad service. Ask us how our cloud pbx solution will automatically failover your whole system and phone lines to another location then restore itself when the master system is restored. YES you read it correct; we will move your phone lines automatically within a minute to ensure your business continues to operate without interruption. So talk to us about telephony continuity to guarantee your service levels are always the best.



WAN Optimization

 Speed up your network without the need for costly bandwidth upgrades. Silver Peak VX and NX Technology will blow you away.


wirelessWireless Simplified

Never miss a device or leave black spots. Findout the best kept secret in wireless and wired management.


                           Unified Communications


 See what a 5th generation IP telephony can deliver for your organisation. Work smarter and deliver more outcomes faster.